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Aerofloat has been awarded a federal government Accelerating Commercialisation Grant for the development and commercialisation of the new Modular Aerofloat DAF.

To date the largest individual DAF manufactured by Aerofloat could treat 200L/min.  Due to the unique design and cost-effective DAF solution, Aerofloat was getting constant requests for a larger system.  In a number of projects, 2 or 3 Aerofloat 200 system were being installed in parallel to increase the overall plant capacity.  Due to the unique design of the hopper bottom and hopper top tank, the Aerofloat DAF could not simply be made larger and therefore Aerofloat engineers sat down to work on a new concept to increase the capacity, while still keeping the unique features admired by the many clients.

A Modular DAF concept was tabled, and a prototype built and tested.  The Modular DAF is a bank of Aerofloat tanks but only used one dissolver, one feed pump and one outlet valve.  Michael Anderson, the chief designer said, “this new design will minimise the moving auxiliary componentry, keeping costs low while still ensuring the core Aerofloat principles are incorporated to achieve superior effluent quality”.

To assist in the commercialisation of the new design, Aerofloat applied for the Accelerating Commercialisation Grant – an extremely competitive process managed by AusIndustry for the Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research.  After extensive due diligence, Aerofloat was awarded the grant which will run over an 18-month project.

Should you have an interest in the Aerofloat DAF (now treating up to 800L/min and beyond), please contact us at or (02) 9544 1449.


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