Announcements - December 19, 2019
Aerofloat Greentech Consensus Award Plastics Recycling Wastewater Treatment Innovation

Aerofloat has won a 2019 Consensus GreenTech Award for its innovative design for treating and recycling process wastewater generated in the plastics recycling industry. Previous Consensus Award winners include well-known international successes Atlassian, WiseTech, Leaf Energy and AMPAN.

Consensus Group’s GreenTech Award Judging Panel says Aerofloat’s innovative designs herald continued success for the company. “Aerofloat sets new industry benchmarks, providing exceptional customer and product support that adhere to standard codes and compliance. It is in a prime position to take advantage of government funding for CRC-P projects focused on plastics recycling and reduce plastic waste.”

Plastic waste is a major global issue with plastics recycling an emerging industry to combat this environmental challenge. It is estimated that only a fraction of the world’s plastics is captured for reuse, despite there being many uses for recycled plastic material.

The process for recycling plastic is extremely water intensive with the first step being to wash and/or to sort the used plastics. Aerofloat’s clever design enables plastics recycling companies to clean this wash water to a standard suitable for reuse for continuous wash loops. Aerofloat’s designs include the patented AeroMBBR (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) and AeroDAF (Dissolved Air Flotation) and other wastewater treatment products.

Consensus Group is committed to supporting Australian and New Zealand innovation and enterprise and provides a development path and tools for growth for businesses.

“Aerofloat’s new technologies and products provide cost effective solutions that address especially important environmental problems such as plastic recycling and ink waste. Its patented solutions, AeroDAF and AeroMBBR, provide an innovative approach to waste management and recycling for a range of industries including food and beverage (such as dairies, breweries, abattoirs, confectionery and small goods).” – Consensus GreenTech Award Judging Panel

Aerofloat’s Manager of Operations, Michael Anderson says, “Winning the Consensus GreenTech Award is a terrific honour. It is wonderful to be recognised for our achievements and dedication to the wastewater recycling industry and in particular our recent successes in the plastic recycling industry. The ability to offer affordable and sustainable wastewater solutions at a time when water scarcity is a growing concern is critical to the future of Australian industries.”

This year marks the 20th Consensus Awards. The Awards were presented on the 12th December 2019 and were hosted by the University of New South Wales with an independent panel of judges.

Aerofloat is no stranger to winning awards for its patented and innovative technology in the wastewater management sector. Aerofloat has been successful in being awarded two major federal government grants to commercialise its innovative designs, and two growth grants to further develop its technology.

Read about Aerofloat’s work in plastics recycling

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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