portable sewage treatment plant

Aerofloat’s portable sewage treatment plant solutions are creating economic and environmental returns.

Mining sites require wastewater treatment systems to meet their environmental and regulatory requirements. Aerofloat provides a portable sewage treatment plant solution that is ideal for these remote environments.

Building traditional sewage treatment plants can be uneconomical for sites that have temporary use or that tend to grow and contract in size. A sewage treatment plant that was once sufficient might find itself suddenly beyond capacity and requiring an expensive redesign.

Another issue unique to these remote sites is the extreme pressure that is placed on systems during peak hours. Because almost the entire population of a FIFO site is employed in a primary task, the use of water and toilet facilities is concentrated to a “rush” hour at the start, and again at the end, of the day. A sewage treatment solution needs to be able to handle these peak hours of flow efficiently.

Aerofloat’s portable sewage treatment plant solution is highly scalable, accommodating fluctuating growth from 100 to 5000 people. Its innovative solutions fit into shipping containers and are made from lightweight material, meaning delivery and set-up is vastly easier than traditional systems. Furthermore, Aerofloat is Australian-owned and all equipment is assembled locally, enabling the systems to be ready for transport within a tight schedule.

Building tailored solutions for specific applications

Organisations operating remote sites generally need highly tailored solutions that account for the specific challenges and conditions of the surrounding environment.

Finding optimal efficiencies might mean adopting and combining different technologies. Aerofloat’s solution has a number of different treatment options (AeroMBBR, AeroSBR and Aero ASR; read more about them here).

Aerofloat works closely with each client to design the most economical portable sewage treatment plant solution to fit their needs rather than adopting ‘a one size fits all’ approach.

Aerofloat understands the government regulations and the responsibilities of mining sites’ use of land and treatment of contaminants. Ensuring adequate, adaptable solutions are in place will prevent expensive clean-up fees and other associated costs down the track.

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