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Food & Beverage Industry News talks to Aerofloat’s Head of Engineering, Michael Anderson, about how wastewater pH correction is a simple process that can impact on food and beverage manufacturing.


Getting your pH right can have enormous benefits to any business discharging wastewater and yet pH correction is often overlooked. Local water authorities run regular testing on wastewater across Australia, and there can be heavy fines and prosecution for those companies that don’t meet the guidelines.

“The pH of all wastewater is critical to how it is allowed to be discharged, regardless of whether it is being treated with other processes or not. Local authorities set strict guidelines around what the acceptable pH levels of any wastewater are,” said Michael Anderson. “And aside from the negative environmental impact of an incorrect pH, the financial impact can be sizeable.”

Aerofloat recently worked with Fyna – the company known for creating timeless confectionery products like Wizz Fizz – to set up an automated pH correction system at its Victorian plant. “Understanding the wastewater impurities, the placement of wastewater systems and production controls was integral to setting up an automated pH correction system at Fyna,” Anderson said.

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