Sewage Treatment System 5

For health, hygiene, regulation, legal and reputation reasons, it’s critical that you have a sewage treatment system that matches your environment. Specialised technical support is needed to help identify which type of system will meet the needs of your environment, whilst also helping understand the terms involved in sewage treatment technology.

Aerofloat’s engineers understand this process and can discuss with you what sewage treatment system is right for your environment.

In the meantime, to help you understand some key terms, here is a useful explainer of some of the most common terms you’ll encounter:

EP: Equivalent persons, or ‘EP’: This is your core number of people that will be making use of the system at a given time. It is important to also consider what your EP in the future might become. For example, is the area population likely to grow? Allowing for growth in the design plan up front ensures you save on unnecessary costs down the track should your site grow.

Flow Patterns: These are applicable to designing a sewage treatment system or any wastewater treatment solution. It is important to properly model flow patterns to allow you to anticipate the level of load that will be placed on the system at peak periods. Consider mining sites as an example; a system on a mine site would expect to experience significantly increased flow at the end of a shift period when staff return to shower.

There are three key peak volumes that need to be measured and accommodated for in the system technology:

  • PDWF: Peak Daily Weather Flow
  • PDWWF: Peak Daily Wet Weather Flow
  • ADWF: Average Daily Weather Flow

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want your treatment system to have a PDWF of between two and four times the ADWF. This is to handle any increased surge of flow on the system over a short period of time. High rainfall areas may also need to consider slightly different design criteria, based on the PDWWF calculation.

It’s important to understand the local authority and council discharge requirements before designing a sewage treatment system, or any other wastewater treatment solution. Different authorities will have different requirements. Aerofloat will design systems to ensure your effluent meets your local regulations requirements.

Aerofloat offers a number of alternative and innovative sewage treatment system solutions that can help you meet your obligations to your community and local council. Contact Aerofloat’s engineers to discuss your project’s needs.


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