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Watch Video to See How New Leachate Treatment Plant Design Saves Council Money

Shellharbour City Council needed to upgrade its Dunmore Recycling and Waste Disposal Depot to increase efficiencies and reduce operational costs. Thousands of litres of leachate wastewater generated from the landfill was being trucked away daily.

Council turned to Aerofloat to design, build and install a new leachate treatment plant for the Dunmore site.

Aerofloat’s design for Shellharbour City Council allowed for flow rate increases as well as ammonia concentration increases during peak flows. Aerofloat’s design successfully removed the ammonia from the leachate via a series of pump stations around the site and Aerofloat’s innovative treatment systems. Its engineers also provided comprehensive 3D designs to Council prior to the installation to help envisage the plant.

Shellharbour City Council’s Project Manager, James Brumpton, said that Aerofloat exceeded expectations on the project and delivered ahead of schedule – allowing Council to make significant financial savings earlier than expected.

“Aerofloat exceeded expectations on this project and delivered ahead of schedule. They brought forward hot commissioning of the plant so we could start treating leachate sooner which which reduced our operating costs earlier than expected,” said Brumpton.

Aerofloat’s execution of the project and its ability to help Council to continue to save on costs ensured terrific feedback from Shellharbour City Council.

“As part of the process of assessing contractors at the completion of each project Aerofloat certainly scored highly – often exceeding expectations on those criteria,” said Brumpton.

Aerofloat has continue to support Council operators via its After Care program.

“Council can expect a robust, automated plant that meets the effluent discharge consistently,” said Michael Anderson, General Manager of Operations for Aerofloat.

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Aerofloat’s innovative technology reduces costs whilst ensuring a robust and sustainable solution. Contact Aerofloat’s engineers to discuss your leachate, sewage and wastewater treatment requirements.



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