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Aerofloat commissions largest plant to date for Life Health Foods (Sanitarium)

Aerofloat has recently installed two Aerofloat 200 units – treating 200m3/day of wastewater for Life Health Foods (an arm of Sanitarium) at Berkely Vale on the NSW Central Coast.  It is the largest system to date with the model 200 tanks being made out of stainless steel instead of the usual polyethylene tanks.

Life Health Foods (LHL) are a food manufacturer of various vegetarian products and in 2014 built a green field production facility.  Wyong Shire Council insisted that an adequate treatment plant was installed to treat the production wastewater prior to being discharged to sewer.  LHF contracted Aerofloat to design and manage the construction of the total wastewater treatment facility.

Aerofloat completed the hydraulic and process design, site design and council negotiations.  Aerofloat project managed the installation of the treatment plant working in conjunction with ATB Morton builders, RLP Plumbing and DNA Electrical.  Aerofloat was responsible for the installation of the Aerofloat DAFs and the commissioning of the entire treatment facility.  Aerofloat continues providing ongoing technical support as required.

“This is an exciting new step for Aerofloat, showing that the patented design can be ‘upsized’ to cater for larger capacity plants,” says Managing Director, Ray Anderson. “It opens a whole new market opportunity for the company and has enabled the conceptual development of the new banked models – treating up to 800L/min.”

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