Blog - October 13, 2020
self contained sewage treatment plants

Cupitt’s Estate needed a self-contained sewage treatment plant design to ensure sustainable operations.

Aerofloat’s self-contained sewage treatment plant provides a low-maintenance, cost-effective solution. Remote monitoring access facilitates operations and allows for ongoing support from Aerofloat’s engineers, even when not on site.

Aerofloat’s proprietary technology applies a mechanically simple design, allowing for an affordable self-contained sewage treatment plant option for industries across Australia. The simpler design also improves the reliability of the plant and minimises maintenance requirements.

Aerofloat provided Cupitt’s Estate on the NSW south coast with a wastewater and sewage treatment solution that allowed it to irrigate clean water to the surrounding land.

Cupitt’s Estate houses a boutique winery, brewery and fromagerie, as well as a restaurant, wedding venue and cottage accommodation. The estate had outgrown its existing wastewater and sewage treatment systems and required a more effective solution.

The estate required a wastewater treatment plant to successfully treat domestic sewage and wastewater from its brewery, cheese production and winery processes.

The sewage wastewater coming from the toilet facilities at its restaurant and conference centre, as well as the onsite cottage accommodation, required treatment; Cupitt’s Estate wanted a self-contained sewage treatment plant solution that would ensure it met its environmental obligations and allow for growth of its accommodation site over time. The strict wastewater regulations demanded by the local council meant that Cupitt’s Estate required a system that would treat its wastewater and sewage to a high standard.

Aerofloat’s self-contained sewage treatment plant installed onsite ensured compliant effluent.

Two Sequence Batch Reactors (AeroSBRs) utilising Aerofloat’s patented removable lance aeration technology were integral to the design at Cupitt’s Estate, offering sustainable, robust and reliable treatment.

SBR technology is a suspended growth biological treatment process whereby the microorganisms are aerated, settled, and the effluent decanted in the same reactor. The process ensures soluble organic material is degraded and nitrogen removed. Any excess bio-solids are also removed via a waste-activated sludge pump.

Compared to other SBRs on the market, the maintenance-friendly benefits of Aerofloat’s patented aeration system were welcomed by Cupitt’s Estate. Aerofloat’s unique AeroSBR design included aeration lances that can be removed for cleaning while the process is still operating, minimising downtime.

In addition to the AeroSBRs at Cupitt’s Estate, Aerofloat installed an upfront sceen, balance, effluent and sludge tanks. Chemical dosing was installed for Phosphorus removal and liquid chlorine treated the effluent from the SBRs in the final stage to meet council regulations.

Remote monitoring capabilities and enhanced automation ensured minimal maintenance while also allowing Aerofloat’s engineers to log on to the system and view the plant remotely should Cupitt’s Estate operators require any assistance with diagnostic work or optimisation.

Having a self-contained sewage treatment plant and wastewater solution on site at Cupitt’s Estate meant that the company could ensure it met its mandate to be environmentally-friendly and allow ongoing, sustainable operations. Click here to read the complete Cupitt’s Estate case study.

Aerofloat’s Australian manufacturing team can manufacture your wastewater treatment system locally and install the system onsite to suit your build schedule. Aerofloat has extensive experience working on small and large jobsites.

Contact Aerofloat’s engineers to find out how they can tailor a self-contained sewage treatment plant solution to meet your environmental and financial requirements.

After Care Service

Aerofloat can help you maintain optimal performance of your wastewater treatment system long after installation.

Servicing – Chemical Supply – Sampling & Analysis – System Automation & Remote Monitoring

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